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  1. Why We Can't Just Get Rid of Anxiety & Distress | Psychology Today
  2. How to Cope with Stress When You’re Overwhelmed by Responsibilities
  3. 2. Being fuzzy about boundaries
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From a biological standpoint, Shaner said nobody can entirely unlearn something. Kerry Patterson, co-founder of VitalSmarts, a consulting company for corporate training and organizational change, said humans are open to change, but the need to unlearn makes the change process more difficult. But in cases when employees have previous information that acts as a barrier to change, learning leaders need to respectfully assess the situation before trying to rashly implement changes.

You need to first demonstrate why they need to change. For example, employees might need to change because their company was acquired by another. Mike Cuffe, vice president of claims training and development at Farmers Insurance, was mindful of this when his company acquired 21st Century Insurance Group. An influx of new employees from a different company meant that many would have to unlearn the ways of their previous positions in order to become part of the Farmers family.

Why We Can't Just Get Rid of Anxiety & Distress | Psychology Today

From a technical perspective, they needed to learn a new operating platform. New employees were glad to learn new processes and go through certification and training programs because the company communicated its business strategy to the entire workforce, Cuffe said. Farmers Insurance made it clear that new employees would not be at a disadvantage simply because they were new; the company would evaluate all employees based on their ability and performance rather than the amount of time at the company. The new employees were especially willing to adapt because they were joining Farmers Insurance after a period of uncertainty under 21st Century parent company AIG.

At times, employees have to unlearn when a company changes its business strategy. Penney, customer surveys showed that only 47 percent of customers said they were highly satisfied with their experiences with the retailer in Deborah Masten, vice president of associate development for J. Penney, instituted a series of training initiatives, and by , the satisfaction rate had climbed to 65 percent. These training initiatives not only taught employees the customer service skills needed to improve the company, but also sought to break down the previous habits of employees at all levels.

One major change was required of associates in charge of replenishment and recovery. We saw the results in the customer surveys, and the associates felt better about themselves and the job they were doing. It was the supervisors that were more challenging.

How to Cope with Stress When You’re Overwhelmed by Responsibilities

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2. Being fuzzy about boundaries

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Unlearning Stress

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